Employment Timeline

Media Consultant (freelance), 2003-Present

Cisco/Linksys - Irvine, CA
  • Performed all documentation tasks--including writing, editing, template design and maintenance, verification, style guide updates, and some graphic design--for the Linksys brand
  • Coordinated with Technical Support, Marketing, Legal, Regulatory, and Project Management groups
  • Created Web-ready and press-ready deliverables using InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Word
  • Completed DTP for 28-language documents
  • Installed, tested, and documented home networking devices such as cable and DSL routers, range extenders, network bridges, switches, USB wireless adapters, and Powerline adapters
PayPal (an eBay company) - La Vista, Nebraska
  • Researched and documented PayPal products and features
  • Developed e-mail template content for website features such as accounts (adding, closing, and maintaining), funds (sourcing, withdrawing, converting currency), refunds, account maintenance, and error troubleshooting
  • Reduced number of articles in my assigned topics by 65%, which reduced localization cost and simplified knowledge base maintenance
  • Helped develop a new Simple English style guide
  • Submitted terms and suggested usage guidelines to PayPal's "Lingo" glossary reference tool
  • Collaborated with project management, product integration, copyedit, and global content groups
  • Created a simplified intranet web page for our contracting group's most commonly used links
Dana Innovations (Sonance, iPort, Trufig) - San Clemente, California
  • Wrote, edited, and created artwork for technical and marketing materials including brochures, catalogs, installation guides, user manuals, and tech notes
  • Performed heuristic evaluation of iPort FS-23 graphical interface
Waters Hot - Orange City, Iowa
  • Researched, wrote, designed, and edited technical and marketing materials including brochures, installation guides, owner manuals, labeling, presentation slides, and graphics
  • Created and updated collateral documentation materials such as fax cover sheets, work orders, and maintenance records
  • Self-trained on HVAC principles by using online and print instructional materials
  • Trained co-workers on Word, Excel, and digital camera use
Sabio Digital/Sabio Storage - San Diego, California
  • Proposed, designed, and produced Sabio's first graphical Quick Start Guide
  • Performed heuristic review of NuMorse (Morse code training software) and provided detailed feedback on design and function improvements
  • Edited the Amateur Radio Technician License Self-Study Guide for HamElmer.com
Documents and Design - North Sioux City, South Dakota
  • Wrote, edited, and designed documentation deliverables (such as manuals and quick start guides) for clients such as Best Buy, Briggs & Stratton, Toshiba, Hurco, and PayPal
  • Created and maintained style guides for clients
  • Acted as D2's chief editor for a PayPal e-mail project, coordinating 10 writers, training an editor, tracking and reporting project status, and developing style standards
  • Performed heuristic evaluations of computer and consumer electronic hardware, compiled reports of issues and recommendations
  • Performed heuristic and editorial evaluations of home electronics packaging and product support materials
Tabuchi Associates - Okayama, Japan
  • Edited English-to-Japanese translations for Tabuchi Associates (translation) in Japan
Adjunct Instructor, August-December 2009
Western Iowa Tech Community College - Sioux City, Iowa
  • Taught Excel 2007 to 19 students
  • Led discussions, gave lectures, tutored individually, created PowerPoint presentations, assignments, quizzes, and tests; graded assignments and tests
Principal Information Developer/Program Manager III, July 1998-September 2008
Gateway/Acer, North Sioux City, South Dakota
  • Acted as team lead for several product platforms (laptops, handhelds, software, servers, desktops, monitors)
  • Wrote, edited, revised, and indexed entire product documentation packages, which included user guides, maintenance guides, service guides, setup posters, system labels, CD labels, specification sheets, and tech notes, in both online and print media
  • Managed the largest single documentation project in Gateway's history, for the most complex and expensive Gateway product (blade server), at one point comprising 23 deliverables, over 1,700 pages, and involving six writers and five graphic designers
  • Wrote, edited, and revised over 250 documentation deliverables, all on or ahead of schedule
  • Proposed and evaluated new software tools to increase writer productivity and efficiency
  • Designed documentation templates for new Gateway branding, maintained templates while tracking bug fixes, font changes, and revision histories
  • Wrote to a variety of audiences, from novice end users to experienced system administrators and service technicians
  • Served on the style committee and acted as backup editor to help maintain consistent styles
  • Collaborated with Engineering, Human Factors, Support, Testing, and Marketing to improve product offerings and help keep releases on schedule
  • Programmed and distributed macros and macro keyboard templates for writers
  • Received several awards in STC regional competitions
  • Applied usability principles to improve products and documentation
  • Received consistently high ratings in performance reviews
  • Contributed key design and functionality elements to one of the largest interface design projects in company history
  • Evaluated and demonstrated rapid prototyping apps and provided recommendations
  • Submitted over 100 inventions to Gateway's Intellectual Properties program, resulting in one patent pending, five patents granted, and improved Gateway product designs. Awarded Gateway Inventor of the Year 2001 and Inventor of the Month July 1999 and June 2000.
Customer Experience Architect, October 2004-October 2006
Documents and Design, Inc., North Sioux City, South Dakota
  • Created and updated documentation templates in FrameMaker, InDesign, and Word for companies such as Gateway/eMachines, Briggs & Stratton, and Best Buy store brands
  • Wrote, edited, and revised user guides, posters, and reports for multiple clients, all on or ahead of schedule
  • Created and updated style guides for brands such as Best Buy (Insignia, Rocketfish, Geek Squad, Dynex, Init) and Briggs & Stratton
  • Advised employees on template design, writing, and editing, and trained on FrameMaker
  • Created internal style and process help reference tool for writers and editors
  • Proposed and implemented design for online presentation of PDF deliverables
  • Proposed and helped implement a work estimate and job approval process for clients
  • Helped create company-wide editorial policy
  • Helped plan and implement a part number and file archiving plan for project files
  • Proposed usability test participant database
  • Performed heuristic usability tests for products and related documentation
  • Maintained full-time work schedule with Gateway as contract technical writer
Technical Writer, September 1995-June 1998
CallWare Technologies, Inc., Sandy, Utah
  • Wrote, edited, and revised computer telephony manuals, guides, pamphlets, and README's
  • Proposed and implemented Adobe Acrobat online documentation plan
  • Created Windows Help files for software, and trained other writers on RoboHelp
  • Created graphical interface elements (buttons, icons, indicators) and performed usability tests (using multiple subjects) for the company's flagship end user product, ViewPoint
  • Created most company artwork, from network diagrams and clip art to book covers, logos, and board meeting presentation graphics
  • Created Flash-like ads for PointCast Intranet
  • Collaborated with Engineering, Technical Support, Testing, Sales, and Marketing departments
  • Converted all translated user manuals to context-sensitive Winhelp files
  • Acted as print service bureau contact with print vendors, transferring files to vendors and tracking a project's progress throughout production
  • Designed and edited monthly newsletter for product resellers
  • Received consistently high ratings in performance reviews
  • Created graphical interface elements (buttons, icons, indicators) and performed usability tests (using multiple subjects) for the company’s flagship end user product, ViewPoint
  • View the worst paragraph I edited while at CallWare
Copyeditor/Proofreader, October 1993-September 1994
WordPerfect Corporation/Novell, Inc., Orem, Utah
  • Copyedited WordPerfect Corporation documentation, reference cards, covers, keyboard templates, labels, and business cards
  • Wrote several printed documentation projects
  • Edited Customer Support correspondence
Customer Support Technician, February 1993-October 1993
WordPerfect Corporation, Orem, Utah
  • Solved customers' problems with WordPerfect for Windows 5.1-5.2
Computer Lab Administrator, July 1992-March 1993
Parkview Center/Wasatch Mental Health, Provo, Utah
  • Analyzed student workstation design problems (workstations had not been designed with "problem students" in mind), then designed & formally proposed new workstation design. Design was implemented within a year.
  • Maintained network, workstations, and software
  • Wrote network administration documentation for teachers
  • Trained teachers to operate WICAT/AIMS system
  • Ran student performance reports by teacher request
More Experience (clerkin', firefightin', baggin', and volunteerin')


Graduate Studies in Human Factors Engineering
University of South Dakota, 2001-present
Coursework complete. Currently completing thesis proposal on color set recognition in variable light environments.

B.A., Communications Studies
Brigham Young University, 1995
Minor: English
Emphasis: Technical Writing and Japanese

A.A.S., Ricks College, 1989

Professional Memberships


Software Experience:
  • Desktop publishing, including FrameMaker, InDesign, RoboHelp, and Word
  • Graphic design, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Flash
  • Web design, including CSS and Flash
  • Interface design, including heuristic review, persona development, and DENIM and Visio (GUUUI plug-in)
  • Programming languages, including BASIC/BASICA, HTML, Word Visual Basic, and Excel Macro (4)
  • Operating systems, from Windows 3.0 to Vista, and Linux (Ubuntu, Slax, Linpus)
  • Office applications, including Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint (3 to 2007)
  • Detailed list
  • Self-starter, team player
  • Able to think creatively yet adhere to client and corporate guidelines
  • Sense of humor, eye for detail, non-judgemental. Mostly.
  • Speak Japanese, two years Japan residency 1986-1988
  • Work well with deadlines and high-pressure environments
  • Willing to travel for interview and job duties, willing to relocate
  • Fast keyboarder & 10-key
  • Licensed amateur radio operator (KC7URN), ARES member